Yotuel, Descemer Bueno, El Funky, and Gente de Zona - 'Patria y Vida'
(Latin Grammy Song of the Year Winner)
 It was truly an honor to create the environmental screen content for this powerful performance that goes far beyond music itself.

"(Patria y Vida) has become an anthem for a burgeoning movement of young people taking to the internet and to the streets, demanding an end to political oppression and economic misery."
-New York Times. 
Creating this content was a unique challenge; turning a daytime still photograph of the streets of Cuba, into a full stage candle-lit environment. Using a mix of techniques including 3D camera projection mapping, kitbash 3D models, and photoshop retouching, I rebuilt and expanded the photo into a 3D scene with adjustable and dynamic lighting. 
Some behind the scenes examples are shown below:
Danna Paola - 'Calla Tú​'​​​​​​
Juan Luis Guerra 4.40 - 'El Farolito'​​​​​​​
Juan Luis Guerra 4.40 - 'Vale La Pena'​​​​​​​
Calibre 50 & El Recodo - 'Esta Vida es Muy Bonita
Grupo Firme - 'Ya Superame'​​​​​​​
Grupo Firme - 'Me Gustas'​​​​​​​
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